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St. John's Academy - Covid cound't stop our students' success
Dear Xianda College International Education Centre
Greetings from St. John's Academy!

Kaeda Ono (Japanese) - Graduate Dec 2020

My favorite part of St. John's Academy is the professional teachers. St. John's Academy has small class sizes, so I could create great relationships with classmates and teachers. Teachers are friendly and encouraging and when I needed help, they were kind enough to help me. St. John's Academy has lots of discussion time in classes too which means I could learn how to communicate and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. I appreciate that St. John's Academy had created a wonderful high school life. St.John's Academy helped me open up possibilities for me in the future.

Anthony Liu (Chinese) - Graduate Dec 2020


I am Anthony, I have been St. John's  Academy for 2 years. I really like the study atmosphere in St.John's Academy. Everyone is nice, especially the teachers,  I really like the teachers. Every teacher is very amiable. I can even make friends with my teachers.  I made a lot of friends in school which makes me want to come to school every day. Because this is an international school, I learned a lot about different cultures not just Canadian culture but cultures around the world. I will learn airplane mechanic at BCIT because in the future I want to be a pilot.  Sometimes I didn’t have enough motivation to push me towards my dream but because of teachers (Ms.Azita kaboly) I feel full of the energy to achieve my goal.

Thank you

Celina Nguyen (Vietnamese) - Graduate Dec 2020

Hello everybody, I'm Celina and I'm a graduating student at St. John's Academy. I am so excited to receive the early offer from the University of Alberta with a 10,000 Canadian Dollars scholarship.

I am very honored to study at this school with my supportive companions and dedicated teachers. At first, everything was new for an international student like me. However, after only about 1 month of studying at St. John's Academy, I realized how valued I am to my friends and my teachers. They love me because I can help with homework and we share music as an interest in common, that was how I got connected to my new friends. Moreover, during my very first days, I got a lot of help from the teachers to adapt to the new environment. Hence, my learning has been improving significantly every single day with the enthusiastic care from my teachers, especially for Mr. Froberg with the help in English, Ms. Dhadli with the help in Maths, and Ms. Kim with the invitation to be a singer for her classes.

The most breakthrough thing I have done throughout my time attending this school is that I dared to challenge myself by running for the president position of the student council.  Great thanks to the encouragement of my group and the advice from my teachers. In addition to my own efforts, friends and teachers are the indispensably essential parts for all the achievements that I have today.

St. John's Academy has provided me a wonderful experience while I'm sitting in school as an international student. I am really grateful for all of that I have received from this school!

Tony Park (Korean) - Graduate Dec 2020

I have spent two years at St. John's Academy. Making countless amazing memories with my teachers, and other students.  There have been a few bad memories too, and few memorable failures, but this has made it possible for me to grow as a person and I am pleased to stand here before you as a graduate of St. Johns. Many people believed, negatively, that I couldn't graduate, that I wouldn’t graduate, but I have succeeded because St. Johns has led me down the right path. I am happy and grateful to have had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of studying abroad, and know that the education I got at this school has been of the top quality; but above all of this, I also learned courtesy,  which is why I can be here now. 

Thank you.

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