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October 25, at 1: 00 p.m., in the multiple-use building of Xianda College of Economics & Humanities , SISU. A lecture on the theme of safety education for college students was held in the classroom. This topic lecture is delivered by the police station of colleges in western Shanghai, and all the students attend the lecture.


First of all, the police introduced campus violence to us, broadcast the relevant video. The police told some relevant data about campus violence, and popularized the relevant knowledge of campus violence for us. At the same time, they also taught students how to deal with the problem when they encounter campus violence.


Then, the police introduced some relevant knowledge of fraud prevention, impersonating acquaintance fraud or impersonating public security bureau, procuratorate, court fraud and so on, introducing the related deception of swindlers, and introducing a new type of fraud —— dating fraud. The students listened carefully and answered questions positively.


Whereafter, they introduces the harm of drugs and the types of new drugs. Students have been popularized all kinds of knowledge of drugs and related laws and regulations on drug abuse and drug trafficking.

Finally, the police told the students about the campus routine loan, popularizing the relevant knowledge. The lecture makes an all-round analysis of the campus safety of the students, so that the students' safety awareness has been consolidated and strengthened.


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