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At 12: 15 p.m. on October 11, 2019, the Learning Summary Conference of September was held in classroom 1703 of International education center of XianDa College of Economics & humanities, SISU. The conference was presided over by Qianyu Zhou (Minister of Learning Department) and Jiya Yuan. All the students, subject teachers and life teachers attended this conference.


In a burst of warm applause, the conference began, all stood up and sang the national anthem.


The inauguration ceremony of the student union


After the students enthusiastically recommended themselves and being selected, the student union of International education center of XianDa College of Economics & humanities, SISU was set up and the student president led all the members to take the oath of office.


After the oath, Teacher Hua Li sent a letter of appointment to all members of the student union.


Final commendation in September


Teachers from all disciplines presented excellent, progressive and attendance awards to students who performed well in September.


While getting good grades, dormitory hygiene is also a part that can not be ignored, and a comfortable rest environment is also crucial to students 'study. Subsequently, by the life of the teacher for the September Bedroom Hygiene Excellence Award and Progress Award students present awards.


Then the economics discipline progress prize winner Xuan Cheng Yuan on behalf of the students expressed some of his learning feelings. In his speech, he said he thought the two most important points of learning economics well: Learning English well and doing problems repeatedly.


Learning method is different from person to person, but learning attitude should be unified, what attitude you use to treat learning, learning will use what results to repay you.


Teacher Yvona of English group spoke on behalf of the teachers.


Instead of emphasizing with students how important it is to learn English and they must learn English well, but discussed with them about why they should learn English well. In this way, students can think on their own and realize the importance of learning English from the bottom of their hearts, which is much better than telling students directly.


This study summary meeting not only let the honored students get encouragement and inspiration, but also lead all the students to forge ahead with positive publicity, diligence and hard work to write their own youth.


At the end of the conference, Teacher Hua Li made a supplementary speech and put new expectations and requirements for future study and life to the students.


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